About Us

The Healthy Eating Almanac (HEA) is a community supported project that began with the goal of spreading the word on restaurants that support a health minded lifestyle. We especially love giving focus to small locally owned spots. Whether you are someone who travels frequently for work or are looking for ideas on where to meet friends in your home town, we’re here to help keep you and your healthy lifestyle fed!

The HEA is rapidly growing all the time, but we know it can be even better—and you can help. If your favorite healthy restaurant isn’t in the Almanac, please add it! Don’t forget to give your favs some love by clicking the heart on their page too. If you’re a restaurant owner, you can contact us to become an admin of your restaurant's profile. You’ll be able to post information, add deals and even pics.

The idea for the Healthy Eating Almanac was spurred when we noticed the commonality of a singular problem amongst our family, friends and clients: keeping a healthy eating regimen while on the go. Finding a food spot with good food choices wherever he/she was a problem that was always recurring. And so, the HEA was born.